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Press Release Winners of Catch Creativity Challenge

Winners of Creativity Challenge (CATCH) 2021

We are pleased to announce to you, the winners of Creativity Challenge (CATCH) 2021 Ruth Ede won the Grand Prize of

Press Release

Five Finalists Emerge – CATCH Creativity Challenge 2021

5 Finalists have emerged from Creativity Challenge (CATCH) 2021. The Challenge started on the 13th of February 2021 and received

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Innovate4Africa Launches Creativity Challenge for Innovative Youths.

Innovate4Africa is pleased to introduce the CREATIVITY CHALLENGE, a competition targeted at youths between the ages of 18 and 35

Education Importance of Innovation

The Importance of Innovation

In today’s fast-changing business environment, firms (and individuals) that want to remain competitive must be innovative. Innovation is not simply


Innovation Journey

The innovation journey of a firm starts with an idea, typically, this journey involves stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, managers, and


Ideas and Innovations

All innovations originate from ideas that were developed and implemented. Ideas are therefore important for the success of an enterprise


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Business competition is inevitable in every industry. For this reason, firms cannot afford to be spectators in the arena. They


Innovation and Business Survival

It has been established that there is a correlation between innovation and the survival of a business. On the other


The Importance of an Innovation Strategy.

Innovation plays a critical role in the development of any nation. Overtime, it has addressed local problems, helped sustained development and